Sekilas Mahadikon

MAHADIKON UTAMA is known as a business venture which mainly operates in the Building constructions services, such as construction, civil engineerig and consulting. Was started in the mid of 2010, which is a joint venture of the profesionals which have abundant experiences in the constructions, architecture planning, construction planning (structure) and Interior planning services for Commercial or public buillding such as : Hotel, Villa, and Office Building, etc. And declared as a legal firm in early 2013.

            In the other hand, we also focusing on the luxurious house which required a high quality finishing. And with the suport of the additional crew of interior division, it improves our competency even further. Therefore, our mission is to produce the best quality services in every opportunity we have.

Misi Mahadikon

Working with clients to understand their facility needs, budget requirements, site conditions and organizational goals, rather than providing ready-made, conventional solutions, Mahadikon Utama is able to adapt to the changing and developing needs of clients, regardless of the nature of their project.

In this fashion, the Company has been able to prosper in the rapid changing environment that has affected building industry in Indonesia and neighboring countries over the recent years.